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Fluorspar is a common halide mineral, which is a compound composed of calcium fluoride and an important mineral for extracting fluorine. Fluorite has many colors and can also be transparent and colorless. Transparent and colorless fluorite can be used to make special optical lenses. Fluorite has multiple uses in the fiberglass, ceramics, welding rod, and glass industry. Also used in blending with burned lime & dolomite for the steel industry. Calcium fluoride is used a component of electrolyte, fluxing agent for aluminium metallurgy , It is used in glass and fluorescent lamps industry. Fluorite is generally in the form of granules or blocks, with a glassy luster, and is mostly green or purple. Fluorite often emits blue-green fluorescence under ultraviolet or cathode ray irradiation, and its name is derived from this characteristic.
Synonyms: calcium fluoride , fluoride, fluorspar, fluorite, acid-spar, calcium difuoride, fluorspan, .;lp[met-spar
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