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Bentonite generally has a hardness of 1-2 (some are relatively hard) and a density of 2-3g/cm3. Also known as porphyry, bentonite or bentonite, it is a non-metallic mineral mainly composed of montmorillonite. It is generally white or light yellow, and due to changes in iron content, it appears light gray, light green, pink, brown red, brick red, gray black, etc. Hardness 1-2, density 2-3 g/cm3. According to the type, content, and layer charge of exchangeable cations in montmorillonite, bentonite can be divided into sodium based bentonite (alkaline soil), calcium based bentonite (alkaline soil), natural bleached clay (acidic soil or acidic white soil), among which calcium based bentonite also includes calcium sodium and calcium magnesium bases.
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