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Zircon sand, also known as zircon, is a mineral composed mainly of zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4). Pure zircon sand is a colorless transparent crystal.
To be used in Ceramics. Opacity, whiteness, wear resistance and moisture resistance make it a key component of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and tableware.
To be used in refractory industry to protect the interior of high-temperature furnaces
To be used in foundries and precision casting processes for the casting of metals and alloys into various products due to the thermal stability, high melting point and abrasion resistance provided by zircon.
Another important application is the production of a broad range of zirconia chemicals, which in turn, have a diverse range of end uses including ceramics, refractory, catalysts, coating electronics and biomedical related products.
Some zircon is used as an x-ray filter and as a polishing agent in the production of silicon wafers for the manufacture of semiconductor components such as integrated circuits (computer chips).
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