Chemicals and additives in food production

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- Sweetening chemicals: Xylitol; Lactitol; Isomalt
- Juice & Fruits additives: Yuzu Powder; Chestnut Powder; Grape Powder; Instant Green Tea.
- Soybean Miso Powders & Natural Umami seasoning with a mild miso taste and roasted flavor: Strawberry Powder; Cocoa Powder; Onion Powder; Tomato Powder; Cheese Powder.
- Natural Derived Flavoring: Matcha Powder; Genmai Powder; Houji Powder; Kombu Extract; Sardine Extract Powder; Chicken Liver Powder.
- Powdered Alcohol: Vodka Type; Brandy S Type.
- Frozen Seafood: Salmon; Buri (Japanese amberjack); Smoking Buri; BBQ Seared Buri
- Nutritional Foods
- Frozen Sweets: Ice Cream Milk; Ice Cream Match; Ice Cream Roll; Mini Ice; Rolled Cake;
- Dairy Products: Low fat Milk; Chocolate Milk; Milk Coffee; Milk Tea; Milk Strawberry; Butter; Camembert Cheese; Smooth cream cheese; Rice Bran Oil...etc  
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