HT Fine Chemical

Logo We are Honghao chemical will be your trustee supplier.

1. Factory direct sale, no middle man, you can get competitive price;
2. Free samples provided before formal order.
3. BLUESIGN partner,you can get certificate product from us;
4. Stable productivity and on-time,fast delivery(3-5 days): two large scale high-tech production bases,annual production capacity is 80,000 Tons;
5. One-stop purchas    ing platform,producing full range textile chemical;
6. Professional team guarantee after-sale services which ensure you no more worries.
7. More than 50 reaction kettles and perfect sewage treatment system, all products comply with environmental standards.
Người liên hệ: Ms. Amy Lai
Chức vụ:
Mobi: Greetings, This is Amy from HT Fine Chemical. It will honor to join your connection. If you looking for textile chemicals auxiliary, Honghao chemical will be your trustee supplier. Why? 1. Factory d
Điện thoại: 18825066363 - Fax:
Địa chỉ: bailian tree park, taihe qingxin,
Quốc gia: China
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