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Swage-locked grating

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Swage-locked grating, also called aluminum grating, is mainly made of aluminum steel bars, and other materials can be stainless steel bars. The bearing bars can be rectangular bars or I bars. I bar swage-locked grating is the most widely used type. In the same depth, I bar swage-locked grating can supply the same strength with the rectangular bar swage-locked grating, but it is lighter and cheaper than the rectangular bars swage-locked grating.

The cross bars are inserted into pre-punched holes of bearing bars and then it is hydraulically swaged under tons of pressure to lock the bearing bars in place. In these processes, the swage-locked grating form a permanent locked structure.

The standard bearing bar spacing is 1-3/16" or 15/16". There a type of new products named as close mesh steel grating, which has the closer spacing than the standard. The spacing of close mesh steel grating can range from 7/16" to 11/16".

A aluminum swage-locked grating with rectangular bearing bars.
Rectangular bearing bar swage-locked grating.A aluminum swage-locked grating with I type bearing bars.
I type bearing bars swage-locked gratings.

Material: aluminum alloy steel, carbon steel or other material.
Surface type: plain surface or serrated surface.
Surface treatment: mill finished.
Bearing bars type: rectangular bars or I bars.
Bearing bar spacing: standard is 1-3/16" or 15/16".
Cross bar spacing: 4" or 2".
A smooth surface swage-locked grating on the blue table.
Smooth surface swage-locked grating.A serrated surface swage-locked grating on the blue table.
Serrated surface swage-locked grating.

Economical. The aluminum material is much cheaper than the galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Lightweight. The total weight of aluminum swage-locked grating is about 1/3 of galvanized welded steel grating.
Corrosion resistance.
High strength and rigidity.
Serrated surface for better slip resistance.

The swage-locked grating with smooth surface is widely used as the stair treads, walkways, platforms in the industrial and commercial applications.
The swage-locked grating has firm and stable structure, it can be used as the security screen in the high class residences and commercial buildings.
The swage-locked grating is widely used in the municipal engineering as trench covers, drainage covers or tree grate covers.
Three steps of stair treads are made of swage-locked grating.
Swage-locked grating with smooth surface is widely used as stair treads.A wall of building is made of swage-locked grating.
Swage grating with firm and durable structure is widely used as security screen.
A swage-locked grating is covering a trench.
Swage-locked grating is widely used in the municipal engineering as trench cover to protect people's safe.A swage-locked grating walkway is installed on the sea.
Swage-locked grating has excellent corrosion resistance to be used in the sea environment as walkways.
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