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STAHL - Hóa Chất Ngành Công Nghiệp Da - Giày


Demand for quality leathers with a lower environmental impact continues to increase across the garment, footwear and leather goods industries. With Stahl Neo™ we offer an end-to-end portfolio to meet this demand. The Stahl Neo™ portfolio of sustainable leather tanning chemicals is primed to help you grow your business with top-quality leather that is eco-friendlier.It’s easy to get on board the sustainable leather trend
Stahl Neo™ is an improved-impact, pro-environmental solution for leather production, from wet-end to finishing. This makes this portfolio ideal for creating premium-quality leathers with an enhanced environmental profile. Stahl Neo™ products are easy to adapt to existing formulations and applications, ensuring that tanners can produce leather articles in a compliant, consistent and sustainable way.     

Switching to our sustainable Stahl Neo™ products is the fast way to ensure that tanners and brands are truly future-proof. It is easy and we are more than willing to help you make this transition.
The Stahl Neo™ portfolio consists of over 1100 products and growing.
Eliminating ZDHC MRSL chemicals – and going even further
Our low impact Stahl Neo™ portfolio covers the entire tanning and finishing of leather process. Not only are the products compliant with the ZDHC MRSL list, Stahl has gone further by excluding other substances like formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, DMF and PFC, from its portfolio, plus substances listed in REACh Annex XIV and SVHC.
Phasing out restricted substances by 2020
Stahl Neo™ is the latest evolution of our portfolio of products to help tanners meet the 2020 ZHDC goals, and it covers both leather finish and wet-end leather operations.     

As the world’s leading manufacturer of leather processing chemicals, the move to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals is a trend we enthusiastically support as we push for a transparent and sustainable supply chain. Stahl Neo™ entails a complete portfolio of leather processing products that is compliant with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), and also designed to be free of additional substances, not on the ZDHC list going further than the guidelines currently require.
A complete portfolio of wet-end chemicals

Stahl’s leather chemicals portfolio cover all wet-end production stages, from beamhouse to re-tanning and from waterproofing to dyeing and include sustainable next-generation solutions.
Stahl’s beamhouse and tanning portfolio covers every step in the leather-making process with products that help tanners overcome environmental challenges without compromising leather quality.
Our range of leather dyes for the wet-end comprises a complete portfolio of high-quality dyestuffs that meet the needs of the leather industry perfectly
Stahl offers a wide range of re-tanning and fatliquoring products, from traditional to next-generation solutions that use more sustainable and renewable raw materials.
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