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Sodium Gluconate/Textile/CAS No. 527-07-1

Giá: USD510/TON

Bailin Group is a leading Sodium Gluconate producer and exporter from China,The annual output of Sodium Gluconate is150,000 tons,which is the largest factory in the northeast China region.
Product Description
Commodity Name: Sodium Gluconate
CAS No.:527-07-1
H.S. Code: 29181600
Synonyms: D-Gluconic acid sodium salt; Natriumgluconat (De); gluconato de sodio (Es); gluconate de sodium (Fr)
Molecular Formula: C6H11NaO7
Molecular Weight: 218.13847
Description: white or yellow crystalline powder or granula
Specification: Food Grade/ tech grade
1. Construction Industry: Sodium gluconate is an efficient set retarder and a good plasticiser & water reducer for concrete, cement, mortar and gypsum. As it acts as a corrosion inhibitor it helps to protect iron bars used in concrete from corrosion.
2. Electroplating and Metal Finishing Industry: As a sequestrant, sodium gluconate can be used in copper, zinc and cadmium plating baths for brightening and increasing luster.
3. Corrosion Inhibitor: As a high performance corrosion inhibitor to protect steel/copper pipes and tanks from corrosion.
4.Agrochemicals Industry: Sodium gluconate is used in agrochemicals and in particular fertilisers. It helps plants and crops to absorb necessary minerals from the soil.
5. Others: Sodium Gluconate also used in water treatment, paper and pulp, cleaning agent for glass bottle, photo chemicals, textile auxiliaries, plastics and polymers, inks, paints and dyes industries,chelating agent for cement, printing and metal surface water treatment, steel surface cleaning agent, plating and alumina dyeing industries and good food additive or food fortifier of sodium

Packaging & Shipping
  Package: 25kg/bag plastic & wove or jumbo bag as you need
  Shipping:within 10days after reveived the payment
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