L-Cysteine Base: a type of amino acid used in the sectors of food processing, it is a group of amino necessary for the body and hence in food processing it is the role you increase the quality of the product on when using it.
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Caustic Soda Flakes

Items Specification Flakes/Solid Pearls NaOH (%min) 96 98 99 96 99 Na2CO3 (%max) 1.0 0.9 0.8 1.0 0.8 NaCl (%max) 3.2 0.05 0.05 3.2 0.05 Fe2O3 (%max) 0.008 0.0050.005 0.008 0.005 Appearance: White flakes,pearls or solid forms. Application: widely used in metallurgy,petroleum
Chrome Oxide Green Purity%--------------------------------------------------99.0Min Water soluble matter%-----------------------------0.40Max Residue on 325 mesh%---------------------------0.30Max Moisture%----------------------------------------------0.30Max Appearance: Green powder Packing: 25
TEMSCarbon Black N-220Carbon Black N-330Carbon Black N-550Carbon Black N-660Loding Absorption Number (g/Kg)114-12877-8739-4732-40Absorption Value of DBP (10-5 m3/Kg)109-11997-107116-12685-95Absorption Value of compressing sample DBP (10-5 m3/Kg)95-105 83-9383-9371-79Adsorptive Specific Surface Area
Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC)Al2O3%-------------------------------------------30%MinBasicity -------------------------------------------60-80%Water-insoluble Matter -----------------------0.5%MaxPH Value --------------------------------------- 3.5-5.0Pb
Iron Oxide Chemicals Formula: Fe2O3 ItemsRed 130 Red 190Black 780Yellow 311Yellow 313 BlueContent≥%9696938686------Moisture ≤% (105°C)%≤ Soluble % (M/M)≤ Value5-75-75-84-64-64-7Oil Absorption
Lithopone 28% ( B301)Ba+SO4 (as ZnS)%(m/m) ≥-----------------------------------99Zinc (as ZnS) (m/m)%≥----------------------------------------28Zinc Oxide %(m/m) ≤------------------------------------------0.6105ºC Volatile%(m/m)≤---------------------------------------0.3Water Soluble%(m/m)
Titanium Dioxide Rutile Type (Chlorination Process) Content% ---------------------------------------------- 93MinTint Redusing Power% ---------------------------- 100 MinOil Absorption (g/) -------------------------22 MaxPh value ----------------------------------------------- 6.5-8.045 um
Soda Ash Light Total alkalinity(as the dry Na2Co3 %) 99.2% min Chloride(As the NaCl %) 0.7% max Iron(as the Fe %) 0.004% max Matter insoluble in water 0.08% max Loss on Ignition 0.8%Max